What’s Smart About SmartGlass

If you haven’t heard, Microsoft announced a new feature for Xbox called SmartGlass at E3 today. Essentially, SmartGlass is a series of apps that allow you to interact with your TV via your phone or tablet.

This is the brilliance of piggy-backing on an ecosystem that already exists, even if it’s not your own. Imagine if Microsoft had said that SmartGlass was only available on Microsoft phones. They likely would have had a greater control over the user experience, and perhaps they even would have sparked phone sales. But ultimately, more people will use Xbox for their entertainment needs with this technology available on devices.

Beside behavior, SmartGlass is taking advantage of consumer behaviors: we all sit on our couches fiddling with our phones, tablets, or even laptops while we’re watching TV (yes, even during Game of Thrones). Why not put the feature into a device that is literally already in our hands.

Maybe the Xbox will ultimately be more disruptive to the entertainment industry than Apple?